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  • Updates on order delivery and store closures. Learn more.

    Updates on order delivery and store closures. Learn more.

    Australia's favourite gardening community

    The Diggers Club has been helping home gardeners succeed for over 40 years, with the best range of heirloom seeds, plants, bulbs and trees available. Join the club to receive the seasonal Diggers Garden magazines, 20% discounts on all products, access to free horticultural advice, free seed offers and more!

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    Spring Flower Garden magazine is out now!

    With 60 pages of garden inspiration, hot topics and diverse plant selection, this issue has something for every level of gardener. 

    It is also filled with incredible perennials and shrubs that will survive in our changing climate, edible hedging plants, ground covers, and Speedings to give you a head start in the garden plus so many more beauties!

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    Certified Seed Potatoes

    Our heirloom potatoes are perfect for every gardener that wants to grow their own chemical-free spuds at home, and they are a great crop for container gardening too!

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    Dry-hardy performers

    Resilient plants that thrive in our increasingly hot and dry summers and bring beauty with architectural forms, bold foliage, and abundant flowers to the garden.

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    The Diggers Foundation

    The Diggers Club is owned by The Diggers Foundation, a registered not-for-profit charity. Your membership helps to support the vital work of the Foundation in preserving open-pollinated seed varieties, championing traditional gardening methods including organics, and preserving our world-class gardens with their historic buildings.

    Learn more about The Diggers Foundation

    Special membership offer

    Join the club and receive a free gift valued at $30!

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    Vegie Patch Basics

    Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, as long as you have sunlight, you can grow produce of your own. Have a read of our tips and tricks to help your garden thrive, from succeeding with seeds, to crop rotation and companion planting, we have you covered.

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    Growing your plants from seed is always easier when you have the right tools for the job. Check out our range on the button below, we have everything you will need to get growing from seed!

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    The best strawberries you will ever taste are homegrown and can be eaten fresh from the garden. Strawberries are easy to grow, and if you plant them now and you'll be on your way to enjoying fresh strawberries in summer!

    Browse our range of strawberries today!



    Our Facebook Community is a private group available exclusively for members. Join the group to connect with other members, ask questions and share your own gardening tips and tricks. Our horticulturists are also there to support you with expert advice.
    Request to Join our members only facebook group here.

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